“You are my voice. Thank you for hearing me and 
helping me capture my stories. Bravo!”
 – Senior Vice President, Fortune 200 Company

Richmond, Virginia • (804) 257-7256 • Wendy W. Martin •

 “It seems that every time I am in Richmond now
and tell someone where I work, the response is, 
‘Man, you folks sure have been getting good press!’ 
Your efforts on our behalf in celebrating our 
40th anniversary have been invaluable, and 
it's been a true pleasure working with you.”
– Michael B. Dowell, Director of Operations
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA)

Marketing & Communications
What do you do? Who are your competitors? How are you different/better? Who are your customers, clients, suppliers and employees? How might you strengthen your marketing and communications?

As a communications consultant, I’ve written everything from ads, brochures and newsletters to video scripts, annual reports and website content. Agencies, companies and nonprofits hire me for a variety of projects and roles. Some pull me in as a creative-thinking partner for half-day brainstorming sessions or to fill a temporary gap, while others with long-term needs sign me to multi-year consulting contracts. 

Public Relations
Today’s media outlets – newspapers, magazines, broadcast – operate with a skeletal staff. Getting a reporter’s interest and subsequent “media hits” requires strategy, ingenuity, persistence and connections. Simultaneously, social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) and blogging offer exciting opportunities to make meaningful connections with your audiences. 
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Memorable, effective speeches take time to prepare – on average one hour for every spoken minute. Executives don’t have that kind of time. I do. Give me a half hour of your time, as much background material as possible and tell me how you want your audience to be changed as a result of your remarks. I’ll deliver a powerful speech that enables you to connect with and activate your audience. 

Over the last two decades, I’ve completed more than 500 speeches – everything from minutes-long award acceptances and clever introductions to commencement addresses, eulogies, and keynote speeches on topics ranging from corporate responsibility, education, leadership and the environment to manufacturing, innovation and volunteerism. 

 "Grand Slam! The speech resonated with the … 
executives. You did a wonderful job with the script.
You captured everything and more. 
I was very comfortable delivering the message." 
–  Ed Grier, Dean, School of Business, Virginia Commonwealth University

      “The speech was a hit. Got laughs and applause
       in all the right spots. Lots of people commented 
      it was the best this year. Thank you so much."
                                                               – Vice President, Fortune 200 Company